This eLearning course is suited for EVERYONE in the organization. It is designed to help you learn at your own pace and in your own environment at your own convenience. Domestic violence is not a private matter. Teaching co-workers to recognize, respond and refer to appropriate resources is a key component of professional development for all members of any workplace.

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This eLearning course builds on the Foundational Module to strengthen capacity to respond to workers impacted by domestic violence. Suited for those who are likely to receive disclosures (union reps, health and safety, supervisors, human resources, security, etc.), it will assist you to respond to effectively domestic violence in your organization.

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A well-planned, comprehensive strategy is critical to prevent and respond effectively to domestic violence in the workplace.  Participants in this dynamic seminar will discuss interlocking components and related best practices.  The focus is not only on the ‘what’ but also ‘how’ a network of practices can increase competence and confidence of individuals and long-term change for organizations.  The seminar will focus on prevention and the steps needed to make a crisis a more remote possibility.  The content will consider how to reduce the negative impacts and costs – direct, indirect, monetary, nonmonetary – that domestic violence places on organizations and individuals. While the focus is on domestic violence, many of the best practices covered can also apply to the prevention of workplace harassment and violence more generally.


Case studies and video scenarios are used in the seminar to stimulate reflection and examination of existing and desired future-state levels of response.  The interactive environment provides participants with opportunities to think and talk with other leaders about true-to-life issues and tensions that are likely to arise.  Through discussion, participants will gain insights to support a concrete implementation strategy for their unique organizational context.  They will leave the seminar with a good understanding of how to comply with the new legislative responsibilities under the Canada Labour Code.  This seminar will equip leaders with knowledge of the tools and resources they need to cultivate safety and support for impacted workers.  Ultimately, the goal is to create safe, healthy, and productive workplaces for all.


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